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11th Azerbaijan International
Environmental Exhibition

17 - 19 November 2021 Baku Expo Center


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Caspian Ecology - I am interested in the technology for oil-contaminated soil cleaning
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I am interested in the technology for oil-contaminated soil cleaning


Gasim Aliyev, HSE Manager, ARAN Oil

- I have been visiting this environmental exhibition for many years, and it is my professional interest that brings me here. As an HSE specialist in the oil and gas industry, I am directly connected with environmental issues. Firstly, I was interested in those exhibiting companies that offer technologies and services for the cleaning of oil-contaminated soil and oil lakes, installing membranes at the bottom of oil lakes, as well as companies specializing in solar cell technology.

The exhibition is a very important event, demonstrating the continuity of environmental protection processes implemented in the country. Having left a good overall impression, the exhibition, unfortunately, did not satisfy my personal demand for the above companies. In past years, more companies were participating in this exhibition. The bacteriological, chemical, and regenerative methods they presented for cleaning the soil from oil were very interesting and progressive. I would like to see at the exhibition companies offering more modern methods and technologies for cleaning oil-contaminated soil. For the Absheron Peninsula and other regions of Azerbaijan where oil is produced, this is a very topical issue.