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11th Azerbaijan International
Environmental Exhibition

17 - 19 November 2021 Baku Expo Center


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Caspian Ecology - Efficient management of all types of waste!
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Efficient management of all types of waste!


Georgy Tyukavin, Arcon / GPSSystems Project Manager

The head office of the company is located in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. At the exhibition, we are representing the interests of leading world companies-manufactures of equipment for the processing of various waste streams. They have solid experience in the processing industry in all corners of the world.

Accordingly, Danish, Italian, Austrian and American companies are exhibited here to offer machines for the mechanical grinding of various materials, equipment for creating products from recycled rubber for car tires, projects for composting organic waste and the grading solutions. All this allows us to say that we have a complete solution for the efficient processing of all types of waste and the creation of valuable fractions from them that are in demand in the subsidiary industry.

Interest in a favorable environment is growing all over the world, we all want to breathe clean air, drink clean water, not only consume, but also take care of nature conservation. Therefore, the use of a secondary base is a priority not only from a moral, but also from an economic point of view.

We have already participated in a number of the Caspian Ecology exhibitions, but this year is especially interesting here, as the company opened its own representative office in Azerbaijan. The exhibition is a successful tool for establishing working contacts, and today we have already held successful meetings with key companies that are interested in what we do.