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11th Azerbaijan International
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17 - 19 November 2021 Baku Expo Center


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Caspian Ecology -  Unique properties of bentonite
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 Unique properties of bentonite


Fuad Darziyev, chief engineer at AZROSPROMINVEST LLC

AZROSPROMINVEST, a joint Azerbaijan-Russian company, is located in the Azerbaijani city of Gazakh. AzRPI JV owns a license for the extraction and processing of bentonite clays in the unique Dash-Salakhli field which has huge industrial reserves; it is one of the highest quality natural-sodium deposits in the world and represents a single horizontal formation. We are developing a quarry, and are engaged in the operation and processing of bentonite clay that is used in many industries, including the drilling, as well as mining and processing plants, winemaking. It is also a unique raw material for the manufacture of animal feed. We export our products to the Russian, European and Southeast Asian markets.

Our Russian partners produce a wide range of bentonite-based products. Since 2006, our strong professional ties have been expanding, and we now produce even more and diverse products. Our second production line has also been commissioned, and in 2016, a production line for the particles of bentonite was built; they are used in the technology of waterproofing materials, as well as in other industries.

This is our debut at Caspian Ecology, and we are waiting for positive results from our participation. Today, not many people understand the unique properties of and prospects for bentonite. We are sure that we can tell all visitors a lot of interesting things, as well as find new customers.