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11th Azerbaijan International
Environmental Exhibition

17 - 19 November 2021 Baku Expo Center


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Caspian Ecology - Let the waste bring income!
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Let the waste bring income!


Elmar Melikov, Head of the Public Relations Division, Press Secretary at OJSC “Temiz Sheher”

- OJSC “Temiz Sheher” has several facilities for segregation and incineration of solid household waste (SHW), as well as a disposal landfill in Azerbaijan. Upon being appropriately segregated, raw waste suitable for recycling is sent to Balakhani Industrial Park, while the remaining mass is forwarded to Baku facility for incineration of solid household waste, where the heat is processed into electricity. The production volume reaches 231 million kWh per year, which is enough to provide electricity to the city with a population of 300 thousand people.

Wastes that are not suitable for processing are sent to Balakhani Landfill, where waste water is converted into technical water suitable for irrigation by means of special filters. There  are more than 10 thousand trees planted at the site.

When anaerobic decomposition of waste organic matter occurs, so-called "landfill gas" (biogas, methane gas) occurs, this by-product is then converted by means of special generators into electricity used for the internal needs of the landfill.

Since 2012, on the initiative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and with the support of IDEA, “Temiz Sheher” has been organising International “From Waste to Art” exhibition in Gala, which has already attracted 140 artists from 36 countries. There is one of the largest museums in the world in Gala.

Caspian Ecology is an important exhibition and participation at this event creates an opportunity to demonstrate modern achievements and become familiarised with the experience of other companies.