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11th Azerbaijan International
Environmental Exhibition

17 - 19 November 2021 Baku Expo Center


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Caspian Ecology - Reducing the carbon dioxide emissions
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Reducing the carbon dioxide emissions


Jamil Melikov, Deputy Chairman at the State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources

- At the end of 2015, the 21st UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) was held in Le Bourget in Paris. As part of this event, the Paris Agreement was adopted, which enshrined the intentions of countries to combat global warming. This imposes certain obligations on states; it is necessary to use energy resources that prevent the increase in emissions of carbon dioxide and other substances that create a greenhouse effect. These are renewable energy sources, and the solution of issues of energy saving and energy efficiency in various areas, from house building to the use of appropriate equipment at all levels, including household.

In order to ensure the implementation of Paris Agreements, agreements were signed with the countries that undertake certain obligations in New York in June 2016. Azerbaijan is also among these countries, and already by 2030, our country should reduce the volume of carbon dioxide emissions by 35% in comparison with 1990. At our stand in the Caspian Ecology 2017 exhibition you will get acquainted with the information on how Azerbaijan, against the backdrop of economic development, will be able to reduce emissions. The main role in solving this problem will be played by the development of renewable and alternative energy sources that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions.